Triangle Breast Form

Triangle silicone breast form will give the most projection. They will also fit more easily into a standard pocket bra. This shape of breast form can work very well with an already fleshy chest. The largest sizes of breast forms are available in the triangle shape.

Teardrop Breast Form

This style of breast forms more closely mimics the shape of a female breast because of the super soft silicone wing which can be used horizontally or vertically to create a more gradual curvy look. This is best for breast cancer survivors or women who want a boost.

Asymmetrical Breast Form

A favorite in the transgender and cross dressing community, each silicone breast form is shaped to fit a certain side of your body. Giving your silicone breast forms more character and thus making them more realistic. For this style we recommend the Classic Asymmetrical Breast Form. It comes manufactured with a dark moulded nipple.






Bra with Breast Forms

The semi-transparent edges of the Real Breasts breast form

Model wearing size 2 Real Breasts breast forms Model wearing size 3 Real Breasts breast forms Model wearing size 4 Real Breasts breast forms

Create your dream bust with Silhouette semi-transparent edge breast forms. These breast forms can be completely customized to your tastes* and blend with your skin for a truly realistic appearance.



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